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Deadlifts: No Escaping These for All Round Strength and Endurance

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Deadlifts are Best for Overall Gains | #LoveLegDay
Deadlift is often called an Old World exercise that can take its toll on the knees and the back. However, I believe that it is among the safest and the most effective ways to add some serious bulk. You just cannot gain all-round, comprehensive fitness without a fully-body workout. Deadlifts are among the best options in this niche along with weighted squats and bench pressing, though benching is more about the pectorals and arms rather than the entire upper body. I consider deadlifts to be the most critical exercise for the lower body and I mean the entire lower body, including lower back, glutes and hams.

My advice to anyone wanting to ramp up their deadlift range or getting started with this exercise is to go slow but be persistent. Keep your knees well wrapped and pay special attention to your lower back. It should be straight-ish throughout the movement. Raise your lift every week but don’t hurry through it.

DIY Expectations | Deadlifting GAINS

- bigger back that makes everyday shirts fit better
- bigger thighs that jut-out through denims
- more grip power that helps you exercise better
- more stamina and strength, more of the latter
- better substitute for ab-only exercises
- knee pain that is sore, then sweet and then a prized possession
- you can eat a lot more as deadlifts are a big calorie killer
- you need minimal equipment. Just a lifting rod and some used discs will do
- you can find plenty of online help about the ideal form and posture
- does not give you the time, energy or space to feel tired or get distracted
- has many variations that keep you hooked on
- can lead to rather quick gains, especially when you are trying to add bulk, muscle-up thighs
- makes you sweat on the worst of winter days, making you feel good again
- leaves you alone in the gym. Few people crowd around serial dead-lifters at the gym
- does not really need gym partners. Can be a one-man standalone exercise without conversations
- can be done more than once a week unlike some other full-body exercises
- does not need too much rep counting. You can change courses as you progress to a heavier lift
- does not hurt your wrists or neck and knees. Can take a toll on lower back if you are ignorant
- can be done across the widest weight range. You can deadlift 30 kgs more than your body weight
- it leaves you sore for a couple of days and this soreness is good...reminds you of the efforts made
- pride!

Yes, they can take a toll on your knees but if you take care of correct posture and wear your protective gear, chances are that you will deadlift your way to a bigger, thicker body without the need to cut down on carbs or overdosing on protein supplements. If you haven’t started deadlifting yet, try to do some lunges and free-hand squats. This is like preparatory ground for lifting off the floor and lifting it high above…

Also, you might be interesting in being properly educated, informed and updated about Deadlifts.
I am sharing some resources that might serve the purpose:


  1. Plan to start this by around Mid-March.
    Just prepping for this workload
    Have not worked-out for almost 4 months
    Need to get my lower back in that lifting profile
    Dont want to hurry and mess up things

  2. Fitness Update Dated February 27, 2018 it has been under 3 – 4 days where I restarted working on the purest form of exercises, i.e. pulling up weight off the floor with minimal jerks. This time around the expectations are not huge. Am not trying to beef-up. Just mixing it up with basic fitness methods like stair climbing, stretch band stretching and some reps with the weights in place. Right now, the DEAD is just about 7.5 + 15 + 15 = 38Kg and I know, this is too low for my height and body weight but this time, am ready to go slow…

  3. The progression is slow as am not taking any supplements, absolutely nothing so far. This is March 9th, and I have reached 25 + 25 + 7.5, i.e. 58 odd kgs. It will take more time since the carb intake during mornings is also limited. want to crack 10 kgs by the month-end. ALL HAIL THE DEADLY DEADS

  4. The maximum I have lifted as a part of my comeback trail is nearly 89kgs or 200 lbs with just about 3 reps - will want to take this further and deadlift at least 100 kg by the end of month which is just about a week to go - this is serious - I like lifting, loving it in fact!!


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