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Weirdness about the Japanese Culture Just Got Deeper!

Funny Pic of Raccon HidingI am managing a team of content writers, having started as a content writer myself, now at a managerial bandwidth. We get all sorts of projects, varying from blogging to writing product descriptions. The latter is our biggest money-maker since the online world is the only ecosystem that is thriving these days...yes, the natural ecosystem that surrounds us is dying slowly! These days, we have a project that is about a series of adult lifestyle toys. Not-so-strangely, nearly all of these products have a massive following in Japan.

Trying to Figure Out the Sino-Sickness Connection

My mother retired from an international bank that was heavy in dealing with Japanese business houses. In general, the opinion was that the people here are extremely hardworking and there is no room for excuses. However, the current data my team is processing suggests that the Japanese way of living is quite immune to what the world thinks as a bit too extreme, beyond the realm of being slightly strange. The Japanese appetite for everything related to imaginary women, including an insatiable hunt for virgins, is unequaled. These buyer are looking for toys that can be perceived as humiliating by women and that is precisely my predicament - I am managing a team that has 99% women!!

There is History to This - No Fibbing!

There are also tales about how the Japanese exploited women from China and neighboring nations, using them as sex slaves. Yes, the current status of Japan's society is such that they don't look like a bunch of people who embraced sadoism to such an extreme level. However, enter the world of cosplay and getting sexual gratification from the strangest pool of devices and things and you have the Japanese way ahead of the curve, openly exploring everything that seems weird. This thing is so palpable that now the writers in my team also know that all products that are borderline crazy in terms of sexual applications, anything that seems somewhat psychotic, close to being categorized as highly perverted is likely to have some manufacturing history in China and definite buyer footprints across Japan!

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