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Old World Zit Buster that Still Works: Mycoderm, Siloderm

Image talks about anti-pimple tools that most people don't know
Most of you might already know this – Iodine is one of the most effective topical medicines. You can use it for a wide array of skin problems including serious gnashes, scraping, tissue damage, etc. However, one utility that is seldom discussed is it useful for handling those plan-ruining zits that pop out every now and then. I have used it as an overnight application and the results are rather good. You can use it and step outside since most iodine ointments have this yellowish coloration that is quite strong. The one I use is called Cipladine and it is very easily available. You don’t need a prescription for it. Just dab it on the ugliness called pimples and leave it overnight. The next day, the inflammation would have reduced remarkably and the head of the zit might be fully mature for the ultimate pop and clean routine. Don’t use too much of this medication since it is mainly meant for wounds and not acne treatment.

Anti Zit Discovery: Mycoderm

This was a chance discovery – my father has been using a medicated powder called Mycoderm. It is recommended when a person develops huge rashes or boils on the body. Conventionally, it is not recommended to be applied on the face. It has a very harsh reaction, rendering the skin dry and flaky. Last week, I woke up with an ingrown hair near my chin. This seems to happen once, every three to four months. The inflammation was very clearly visible. I was out of my usual ointment to combat the swelling. Taking a chance, I use the tiniest dose of Mycoderm, carefully spreading it on the protrusion only, staying away from the surrounding skin. Shockingly, the results were great!! Within 2 hours, the swelling abated and there was no irritation. I am planning to try this once or twice more before adding it to my emergency acne-fighting arsenal. If you have a similar health tip, please share it with us.

Another cream you can use: Siloderm - basically, Cheap Zinc Oxide

  • This is essentially a zinc oxide cream.
  • The texture is dry and the product very white.
  • Can be a bit of issue for folks who have dry, patchy skin.
  • Works wonders if applied for a week.
  • Comes without side-effects.
  • Works from day one if you apply in large amounts.
  • This is the same formula that is applied to the bums of babies when they develop rashes.
  • In higher concentration, Zinc Oxide creams are used by sportsperson, including fast bowlers [remember Ted Hughes or Allan Donald?]
  • The best remedy if your skin is very reactive - I use it for after-shave care too
  • Works when mixed with Vaseline - this is recommended for folks like me whose skin is ultra-dry

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