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Lenovo 780: Not Outperforming, Staying Loyal and Real

These are two phones that I found yesterday in my drawer. Immediately, flashbacks hit my mind. These old guys belong to an era where it was about solidity over gorilla glass, grip over RAM, aesthetics over slim, sleek profile. Like bigger, really big bodybuilders from the 90s, these not-so-smart smartphones had it all but one thing...that is? They did not evolve at the right time. The result is their premature death though Blackberry are still to be found in the hands of some folks who took a vow never to leave their faithful friend...

Lenovo 780: Not Outperforming, Staying Loyal and Real

‘Keep it Real’…they often say when trying to humble down a person. I am from the same line of thought. I like doing things in a simpler, uncluttered manner. I was never in the favor of buying a touchscreen phone. I still vouch for my two BlackBerrys. I love their keypad and the easier typing makes life so easy. However, not having a touch surface mobile phone also means looking like the odd one in a room full of people quick to pass judgments. I did little homework but bought something that promised a longer battery life, a sturdier exterior and a reasonably updated interface. The Lenovo 780 filled this small list of criteria. The phone isn’t great by any standards. However, it does not have any discernible flaw either. The Android interface is undemanding to use, the battery life is extremely good and the built can withstand my rough handling.

My Blackberry: End of an Era 

Sadly, like most good things in life, the good old BlackBerry with is typing-patronizing keypad seems to be on its way out. Every other day, there is some news about the company being overtaken or worse, being merged or sold in a way where only the technologies owned by BlackBerry developers would be retained but not the designing element. I have always adored the BlackBerry’s keypad being a heavy typer. I love the feeling of surety and absolute conviction delivered by these handsets. In fact, I wonder what choices people like me have in today’s world? I mean, folks who prefer full QWERTY keypads instead of those touchy-touchy huge screens.

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