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Just some quick eye-shut time to reconnect with yourself

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You must have read a lot about the concept of power napping and how the shortest periods of relaxation can cleanse the mind of overwhelming thoughts. I am using the same thing in the most micro fashion – using some eye-shut time to ensure you have a more uncluttered mind. I do this at the desk, in the car and even when taking a bath. Just shut your eyes and banish all thoughts. Try to concentrate on a facial muscle, i.e. on your face. I tend to focus on the nose bridge, clutching the skin around it. This is not about many minutes but a handful of seconds. You can do this repeatedly, like a breath hold & go exercise that is found in many meditation prep programs. For me, concentrating with my eyes closed is almost impossible. I tend to hop to what happens next scenarios a bit too often.

The result is the inability to meditate in any way. This is why I don't try too many asana that make me concentrate too much. These minuscule seconds of closing your eyes and reconnecting with the smallest, most childish thought that makes you happy is a good option. For a moment, your mind relaxes, the tense muscles of the upper abdominal region relax and you can feel breathing better. You have to practice this a bit more before it comes naturally to you. This is also setting your mind for the quick napping method - something I seriously envy about. I have tried this when putting my head down for a few minutes at my work desk and yes, it does work, if not a lot, in some way that is better than stay-awake coffee cups and anxiety meds. Next time, when you are heading out for an ares-whipping business meeting, give yourself two minutes with this method…just breathe slow, shut your eyes and don't think at all!

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