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Muscle Gain and Testosterone: Is the Connect Real? Plus, real-life Supplementation Insights

Image for Testosterone Supplements - the DiscussionI have had this question pricking me for a long time. Most of the online reviews I read about bodybuilding or exercising with religious passion talk about how Testosterone is vital for gaining muscle mass, i.e. men and women!! Some blogs go on to preach that female bodybuilders and athletes use Testosterone supplementation to gain chiselled physiques. I recall getting my Testosterone levels checked once, about two years back. The results were not shocking, i.e. I was just beyond the mid-range, so I am neither deficient nor loaded with Testosterone. Does this mean I have an average chance to gain muscle? Are my hormones controlling the degree of gym gains I make?? I have felt the androgenic and boosting results of taking light testosterone supplements.

Find Your Reason, Rationale for a Testosterone Booster

Google something like "Testo Caps" and you will find a rather decently priced option to start and end a few testosterone boosting cycles.Yes, you need to do this with some maturity, not hurrying through the process. Remember, you are using synthetic hormones that are basically biochemicals and chemicals that resemble the natural thing but are not actual human body extracts. Trying too much, too soon can ruin the deal for you. I have also concluded that at every cosmopolitan workspace there is at least one guy who is using or abusing testosterone hormonal supplementation. The reasons can be very different. Some guys think it is the easy and necessary way to muscle-up. Some use it for boosting their overall sexual health. Some do it on the verge of getting married, thinking the steroid-like boost of testosterone supplementation will amp-up their bedroom game. Others who are battling health conditions like obesity or hair loss too try it without realizing that any mistake with
testosterone consumption regimen can wreck their physical health rather than providing an aesthetic boost.

Trying to Draw Conclusions from My Own Testosterone Booster Experiments

Some more things that I have come across when using testosterone boosters for overall sexual energy gains, physical strength gains and more lifting capability when I was peaking with heavier sets of squats and deadlifts. I tend to do short cycles. They tend to heat-up the body and perhaps, cause some level of weight loss too. How much? I really don't know and I need to exercise to ensure the extra testosterone is wisely metabolized in the body. You don't want to crap-away something so dicey and expensive and these days, hard to get unless you are in cahoots with the gym mafia.

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Short Cycles are Good 

- do cycles of 2 weeks each. Keep them lightly loaded with just 80 mg as the maximum for the day. Any more and you should be seriously exercising to put the extra load to good use 

Daytime Doses can Help

- ensure a daytime dose as this helps to raise the testo volumes. My psychiatrist used to say that one dose around noon really helps. I have tried this and it seems to fasten the results. Not vouching for this but it does seem to have an effect 

Dose after a full meal for safer results

- ensure a heavy meal before each dose. For those trying testo-boosters for the first time and those who have a history of IBS like me, dose preceded by meal is a good, safer way. Stick to it for at least one week before trying it in any other way. 

Watch against any sign of hair fall...if it is there, STOP

- watch out for any type of hair fall as this can happen with high-intensity dosing. Few guys realize that lack of testosterone and an excess of it, both can cause unwanted hair fall. This can begin in an acute fashion without too many heads-up. So, don't risk it. Stay smart and start slowly, allowing your body to manage the increasing load. Think just like building your squat rack. 

Insulate yourself with more water intake

- try to drink lots of water for neutralizing the side effects. This really helps during the summertime when it gets real hot and too much supplementation can cause rashes and skin blushing. This is expected and is really not a huge deal-breaker. Just drink lots of plain water and stay more than just being hydrated. 

Don't get oversmart with a missed dose | Don't do DIY calculations 

- never double dose to make-up for a missed dose. I must be sounding like a pharmacy graduate here but yes, this hormone supplementation is not meant to be messed around with. You can lower or increase your dosage slightly and slowly. You want to stay regular without trying to over-compensate. If you have already had children, don't worry about bodily hair or acne or hair loss, you can perhaps take a bigger risk by extra dosing. Everyone else? Stay regular and don't jump the line! 

Start small and build yourself up

- do small cycles for better results. You can do one cycle per month around the same time. I have done it during the middle portion of a month for three months. You can do heavy cycles during the start of each season or every time you are again ready to lift heavy and push yourself against the deadlift. When you want to make huge gains and cut down, do a cycle but don't rush into it. You want to be in top form when starting the cycle rather than hoping that testosterone alone can make you get more gym gains...that is a fallacy peddled by gym trainers out there trying to make a quick buck off you 

Sexual Health Gains are Expected but Not your Primary Goal

- you can use this for accentuating bedroom performance too. Yes, there are some gains in the sack too. You tend to feel this stronger contraction kind of thing when doing duties with your woman. There is something pushing you harder inside her. Don't know the exact scientific terms for it but just understand that testosterone is your primary reproductive hormone so some sexual wellness gains are expected. Don't chase them. It does not change your performance from the ground up. It just makes you better in a controlled, realistic way. 

Cut back on other Health Supplements during the Cycle

- don't overdo dietary supplements at this time since your liver is already a bit overwhelmed. You might want to cut back on any supplement that tends to make you slightly gassy or tends to prick your digestive system during your testosterone cycle. This is because you want the maximum uptake and processing of this particular hormone supplement rather than keeping your body busy in metabolizing other supplements. This is just my personal advice and yes, I have a history of IBS!

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