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For the Love of Impact Mints, Actually the Box…OK!! It Is Just A Short Review!

Image of Impact Mint Original Pack Strawberry Flavor
Flavor? Strawberry but Not Bothered About It!
I am a bit of spontaneous spender, picking-up things for their aesthetics first and function later. This has contributed to a ton of stuff that has little practical use but once seemed irresistible. This lethal habit surfaced again when visiting the Pinnacle Mall, Dwarka. The weed after the Republic Day weekend was slow, somewhat lazy.

We decided to test new shopping locales and across the rather well-designed mall that has 12 levels along with Daily Delite outlet on the ground floor. This is where, at the cash counter, I spotted this gem of a package – Impact Mints, sitting pretty at the cashier’s desk with other confectionery items that are often used when easy change is not available. I have had this childhood crush on tiny, smallish cases and boxes, even packaging, that looks playful, borderline cute.

Handy Case for My Daily Meds? Yes Please!
This time, it was also about a bit of practical use. Impact Mints are packaged in this tiny metallic suite that seems rather durable. I need something like this for carrying my daily meds, supplements, vitamin supplies, etc. The squarish shape of the boxy packaging has rounded, smooth edges. The size is just about perfect to be slipped in my denims or carried in any other pocket. Overall, the casing seemed rather handy.

What about the flavor?
Well, that is something I never bothered. At 10% discount, for INR 90, this was a good enough deal for me whereas a responsible shopper would have killed me for the frivolous spending. At the moment, the Impact Mint box is being emptied by my sister. She has the responsibility of returning the box to me, in pristine condition without any surface damages. When I start stocking my meds into it, this won’t seem so stupid…seriously!!

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  1. Forgot to update that the metal box is still with a sweetheart and would become my property once she has emptied the contents...

  2. The mint box is now wearing away and some chips on the top tab are now visible, in all probability, I will be adopting the now cleaned and dried metallic twist box that originally housed a lip balm recommended to me during my lip allergy flare-up


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