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2018 Diet Trend is about eating CEREAL for dinner?

2018 Diet Trends - Eat Cornflakes, Muesli, Dried Fruits
There has been a lot of noise about what type of diet trends grabbed attention in 2017. Personally, I stay away from reading too much into this. Every year some fad surfaces and then for no reason, it suddenly disappears, leaving the followers in limbo. However, yesterday I came across one thing that sounded interesting, logical and doable. This is about eating cereal for dinner. It might be a pleasant coincidence but I have already been doing this for nearly 10 days, long before I read this trend on Yahoo Lifestyle.My reasons for following this regime are completely different. For me, recovering from the recent bout of Jaundice has taken precedence over taste or a detailed supper.

Eating in 2018 Could be More Locavore, Closer to Natural without Losing Out on Cheat Days

Instead, I am now spacing-out meals to the maximum, ensuring that the liver and the supportive digestive apparatus is not overwhelmed. This meant packing the maximum number of small meals during the daytime, including at the office, followed by a very light dinner. This means my last meal for the day is essentially cereal, some extra sprinkled cornflakes, muesli, oats, and some dried fruits. Now coming back to the trend that is supposed to make a huge splash in 2018. The food enthusiast and dieticians who shared this tips believe that cereal mixed with banana and milk serve as the best combination to help you sleep, keep you light and still offer sufficient nutrients. The mixture, topped with fruits, also helps to take care of the sweet cravings!

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