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Benzos Like Valium Bring About a "Relaxed" High
I have never been shy of sharing the fact that of and on, I have been on anti-anxiety prescription medicines. It is something my family, friends, colleagues and team members know. Over the year, I have come across many meds, some horrible ones and others, with sizable benefits. One such drug of choice was Valium. When I first started using it, sedation was a constant outcome – this was not a huge issue back then since I wanted to sleep and forget everything about life. In fact, this was the first anxiolytic med I ever took. As things moved on, I realize that Valium was not meant for long-term use, something my psychiatrist told me when I shared things like not sleepy properly if the nightly dose of Valium was missed.

Digging Deeper into Valium Wisdom

Please understand that when using such medications, you cannot suddenly stop or start them. There are many verified stories from real people out there that talk about what to expect when starting anti-psychotic drugs. This is always a gradual process. You either build-up the dosage when getting on it or start tapering the mg(s) when coming off it – either ways, you have to be patient and not rush through the process or else your mind and body can react horribly, beyond anything you might have ever expected. Now, am sharing some quick facts borrowed from my Valium usage, though am not using it anymore:
  • Excellent for short-term anxiety attacks but should not be used for more than 2 months
  • Ideal for situations where you are grieving or don't need to work regularly – the sedation keeps you calm but also prevents you from doing mind-focused gigs in a proper way
  • No need to search for a brand that sells Valium with an external coating – the way this drug is manufactured, there is no bitterness, no swallowing issues with the uncoated variety
  • Don't overdose if you feel the last dose is slow in acting – try to stick to a schedule
  • Using it for calamities at home or office, starting it abruptly is not recommended but usually there is no major side-effect
  • Starting with 5mg is good enough – the light dosage ensures you don't develop serious addiction to Valium, something that all doctors will tell you
  • Please note that Valium is not a happiness inducing medication. It is not meant to elevate mood - do a bit of online search and you will realize that Valium provides relaxation that might make you feel High, but you are not on cannabis here
  • This med does nothing in terms of spiking the feel-good brain chemicals/neurotransmitters
  • Pharmacies might be very particular about prescription or slip since Valium abuse is common
  • Very light doses of Valium are given to hyperactive children too, underlining that this is not a medicine with serious threats
  • The efficacy can differ across people – there are no global standards for using Valium
  • Don't try self-dosing. Valium needs a professional to guide you through towards the ideal dose you can handle
  • There is no need to over-stock Valium since it is easily available. I do recommend reading a bit about how Benzos like Valium affect your brain


  1. Just realized that one of my best friends, my lifetime-buddy needs a light dose of Normaxin to get over an escalation at home. Hoping she recovers soon. Normaxin is the first choice for treating the starting phase of anxiety-linked IBS and for many folks, it has been a life-saver!

  2. This might not be true if you are using a very low dose of Prozac, i.e. something like 20mg per day, but yes it can lower your performance in the bed. When I was using it regularly I would give it a couple of days off after one week of use to ensure the sexual health was not affected as much!!

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