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Is Misunderstanding ‘Big Data’ akin to Misinterpreting ‘How to Live’?

Funny Cat Showing Big Data
Some time back, we did a content development project for an IT solutions firm that offered cloud computing services. Back then, we were rephrasing a lot of content without understanding its entire impact. Now, this have turned more meaningful as the Big Data wave is finally settling and we witness organizations becoming data-smart with increasing enthusiasm. However, there is one thing I would like to highlight – in fact, draw a parallel. Many businesses are hopping on the Big Data platform thinking that this is actually about getting “bigger”, i.e. collecting more and more data, from every possible source. 
It seems that owning silos of data is top priority for them. Now, compare this with Life as we know it. Does merely acquiring a lot of things necessarily lead to happiness? Those not obsessed with BMWs and Audis will say NO…why?
Owning More Data is NOT the Benchmark!

The act of merely gathering things and warehousing them does not put a smile on your face. Similarly, owning massive oceans of data does not mean that you are a digitally progressive business! The real challenge is putting this infinitely expanding data to use, make it more relevant, draw conclusions from it, understand its entirety, and own it with a perspective that things will change, disruptions will surface but we will embrace it. Similarly, rather than limiting yourself to merely owning more banal things, extracting that bit of happiness out of them, putting them to good use should be top priority!!

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  1. Just came across a software and Digitization service provider called Mindtree and I must say that the manner in which they have segregated different aspects of Cloud Computing is awesome...the simplicity of it all says that they have really understood what businesses need.


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