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Tea Tree Oil: Drops of Naturalness Make a Difference

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I tried Tea Tree Oil not because lifestyle bloggers and health writers were vouching for its ability to heal the human in the most amazing way – my decision was as usual the result of a gut feeling. I chanced upon this oil during my search for something that could stop my allergies that often broke out due to too much stress being interpreted by me – yes, I am guilty of snowballing anxieties into a chronic worry that eventually leads to physical manifestations. I had heard a bit about organic and cold pressed essential oils. In all these discussions, one or two oils continued to be spoken about very fondly. This included lavender oil and Tea Tree Oil, the latter for its various healing properties. It has been almost 2 years and I continue to use this natural oil without any apprehensions.

My conclusion from this period of sustained usage:

  • This essential oil is expensive – you need to be sure about the purity
  • Use Tea Tree Oil for any type of allergic reaction you have on your skin
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil is volatile and you don't want to apply it directly on to your skin
  • It also heals small blisters and boosts recovery from patches that cause excessive itching
  • This natural oil is very reactive near the mucous membranes like those found in the nose
  • Never leave the bottle open, this volatile oil will evaporate within hours, losing its efficacy
  • You can dab this oil on clothes around your neck to get relief from congestion and migraine
  • Try using some coconut oil first on your skin and then apply the smallest drop of Tea Tree Oil
  • You can apply the smallest drops directly to a pimple in the marking, leave it overnight – magic!
  • Highly effective for soothing an irritated scalp like mine – I have serious scalp psoriasis, dandruff
  • Don't rub too harshly into the skin. Don't rub at all – it can create some inflammation-like redness
  • You can use it more regularly by mixing a few drops in a bottle of coconut oil which you can be used for weeks without loss of efficacy
  • You can ask the person massaging your head to rub a couple of drops between their hand and then get busy with the scalp
  • Works rather well if you suffer from scalp flaking, breaking away the depositions
  • Not the best option if you don't like aromatherapy oil scents - tea tree has a lingering aroma
  • Can be used for effectively protecting surface of wounds or any skin injury but this will sting, so be prepared for the pain
  • Don't heat the oil before using it even during winters. This natural oil does not freeze
  • You can dab it on the sheets of children, including babies, suffering from respiratory difficulties
  • Should not be mixed with other, imposing essential oils like rose oil or sandalwood oil

Getting More DIY with Tea Tree Oil Usage

NATURAL oils and vicco turmeric cream mixed with nivea mens cream
I have used Tea Tree Oil in another, less mainstream way. The thing was that I had been struggling with a summer face cream, a light cream that does not stick to the skin also keeps away the occasional acne. Most creams and lotions lacked the right combination of moisturization and skin healing properties. To ensure I get something more aligned to my skin's needs, I created a blend of cream, that I endlessly churned to gain a consistent texture. The ingredients included:
  • Vicco skin cream that has a lot of turmeric but can be very dry
  • Normal Vaseline that obviously has riches of moisture and natural oils
  • Tea Tree oil to ensure the cream mix had more skin healing properties
  • Zinc oxide cream to ensure that I created a layer for defending against skin rashes
  • Nivea men's face cream for black spot reduction


  1. Just to update that am currently using the batch bought from FabIndia store in CP, Delhi - the price is genuine and the aroma very realistic, even the texture is vaporous and non-sticky

  2. I committed the horrible mistake of mixing tea tree oil with coconut oil and another body oil. The result was increased stickiness though the fragrance of tea tree oil still prevailed...

  3. Update for January 26 weekend: once, every month, I tend to massage some tea tree oil mixed with other hair oils, massaged deep into the scalp zones that are typically guilty of creating layers and flakes that I tend to scratch inconsolably. Don't try this too often as this natural oil is very volatile and might induce hairfall. As it is, moving to Dwarka has caused some degree of sustained hair fall...


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