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Guilty, First-Time Offenders: Couldn’t French it Perfectly!

Funny Rabbit Making French Toast - Food Blogging
DIY French Toasting with Wife
I am not talking about the perfect kiss – this is another food-heavy exploration, fresh from today’s morning spread. I must have shared that eggs find a prominent place in my daily diet, essentially for breakfast and every time I run out of ideas. Lately, me and Moha have been exploring how to make the humble omelet or scrambled egg more engaging. The results have been rather good. We have salad-i-fied scrambled eggs and created omelet-like cheesy egg preparations that are exotic and nutritious without much prep time. Today morning, we tried making French toasts. Moha does not like the odor of eggs but she cooks them for me with the enthusiasm of a curious toddler. Our first effort today was rather simple - we wanted to make classic French toasts without too much experimentation.

We used some milk and eggs, whisked to frothy perfection, dipped triangle slices and put them on the pan. The result was good but not what we were trying to achieve. For starters, the slices were more soft than crisp. We plan to correct this with making the batter thicker next time, using little milk and more eggs. My advice of using half a cup of milk with couple of eggs was obviously out of place. Secondly, we forgot to add sugar to the batter that helps to caramelize the toast, giving it that special flavor and visual appeal. However, it was another case of Moha trying something for the first time in the kitchen and making it work beautifully even without tasting the preparation – she is God-sent for a gourmand like me! We might try a different type of bread too. Atta or whole wheat breads have a different taste when dipped in egg mix. I believe the usual, slightly bigger sandwich white bread is the best option here. Also, I like the green chilly chutney made by my wife rather than tomato sauces that tend to kill the eggy flavors.


  1. Updated on January 24, 2018: our French Toast inaccuracy was closely followed by trying to bake a chocolate-pride cake during January 20 - 21st weekend. I believe we over-filled the baking can with the batter to the extent that the content was spilling out and the interiors of our highly anticipated cake was not properly cooked. Will revisit this as we approach the January 26 Republic Day weekend - 2018 will witness this couple cooking for happiness!!

  2. We would be trying this again, this week. More prepared now, plan to use some cinnamon powder too. No artificial flavoring as such since I have any type of artificial masking that kills the purer, underlying taste

  3. We have come a long way since this post was published. Moha is now an accomplished egg chef, creating the most wonderful creations, including the dried, crispy variations of things that include egg washes, egg baths and egg filling with some cheese and always, a lot of veggies.

  4. This link talks about the history and origins of the French toast:


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