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That Heavy Anxious Feeling: Exhaling Away the Blues, with a Thrust

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You must have heard about breathing correctly. More and more lifestyle coaches and wellness instructors are talking about the need our breathing pattern. Even Ramdev has repeatedly emphasized that breathing out or exhaling is more calming for the entire body, helping you stay more relaxed. In comparison, inhaling in takes a toll on our mind and body. While am not sure about why inhaling can be so villainous, am pretty sure that breathing out, with some effort, does keep you calmer.

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I have discovered this fact when doing forced exhalations seated at my desk or behind the steering wheel. Every time my mind begins to wander too much or the overthinking process seeps-in, I start exhaling in small bouts that kill the layers of anxiety which if allowed to create deposits can bring about a damaging impact on the nervous system, making me feel mentally exhausted. This is the simplest way of practicing yogic breathing. You just need to breathe away the things that are pent-up in your mind. Within a second of exhaling with some serious force, almost like a sigh, you feel the negative energy melting away. A certain type of heaviness that builds around the forehead and chest, associated with feeling tense, is matted out, leaving your more relaxed.

How often can you do it? 

As many times as you want but not forcing too hard if you have just eaten. This is some form of deep breathing, at some level, and I am pretty sure that anyone can do it, even the overtly concerned students in jam-packed classrooms and graduates on the verge of finishing their job-centric training programs. Usually, when I exhale heavily, there is a bit of sound in it. Like I said, sighing with a bit of chesty noise is perhaps the best way to describe the action. Lately, I have tried it when getting ready in the morning or when I get this feeling of not making a difference at my workplace...

Updated on January 29, 2018: Unexplained Pangs

Today's bout of anxiety was a bit strange. Last night and the days leading up to the weekend had been slightly emotionally charging but I handled all of them with surprising coolness. The actions were controlled. I did not overwhelmed, did not run for an extra round of anxiety meds. However, today morning, on the way to work, the anxiety pangs hit me big time. Perhaps I had buried the feelings of being emotionally pricked a bit too deep? I guess this will keep happening unless I get better at anxiety management!!

Updated on January 31, 2018: Saying it Better

I have realized that communication is paramount to getting rid of anxiety that surfaces as a result of not saying the things, allowing them to create layers of negativity inside you. This particularly applies to anything related to Mom. Whether am angry at her or want to say something lovable, it should be out of my system right away. With her current plight, this also serves the purpose of some communication with her to help her drive through the day.

Updated on February 6, 2018: A Small Scare

Today was a bit tense, not due to someone else poking me or things spiralling out of control, just that I realized that our health insurance coverage was past its due date by nearly 4 days. The radio stations were running ads about how the smallest negligence could screw you for good if the renewals are not done in time. Followed by some frantic calling to the good policy providers plus a recheck with the employer insurance company for adding my wife's name and updating the coverage for maternity benefits.

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