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Portion of My Dreams Captured in Images Borrowed Online

I am sharing some images that connect with some of the purest thoughts I have had for a long time. There is something very unadulterated about these images. For me, it is also about a distant dream that I believe most men my age often have – a big wooden house, surrounded by plush greens, days spent under the sun, working hard, returning to a warm house and a nurturing wife with your son playing in the backyard with woolly, massively-built dogs. Yes, there are some well-documented truth about dreaming patterns but this is just one man's story so far and the patterns here are not that well-connected. Well not of all of is the usual visuals all men have – many ingredients of this list are exclusive to me. These images capture a small bit of this thought that is close to my heart. In some way, this is also about things I yearned to have been a part of my childhood. Try to zoom in on the expressions of the canines, sometimes extremely silent and stoic in these stills but there is something about their faces that says a lot…
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