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Bit of Health and Aesthetic Beauty in Cranberry Tea

Drinking Green Tea, Cranberry Tea | Workplace Discussions
Green Tea by a brand called, TE-A-ME. The flavor was intriguing, named Cranberry, and it instantly reminded me of Cranberry flavored Bacardi Breezer

Quick Observations:

  • This green tea is actually red, the shade almost identical to the cranberry and alcohol confectionary that is bottled in the Bacardi stuff. Visually, more appealing than any other herbal or green tea concoction available these days
  • Tastes nice, without being overwhelming. Unlike some other green teas, it does not have that typical herbal or floral essence which I sometimes find obtrusive. The reddish hue is leaked immediately and its darker every time to dip the dipper
  • The flavor is very balanced, does not coat your tongue in a way that anything you might eat along loses its actual taste
  • Best had with warm water that has some honey added to it. Consuming it in the pure, only water, form can make the flavor flaky, almost redundant unless you take big sips
  • Recommended how often? Not a lot. The thing is that this flavor is somewhat exotic. The novelty is best preserved when you keep it in the mix rather than making it regular stuff that can get predictable/boring. Once a day seems like the perfect schedule


  1. January 9 - 2018: it has been a slow start to the week. Feeling demotivated and trying to keep myself warm during the winters has translated into endless supply of green tea and herbal tea concoctions. Today, the emphasis is on lemon and honey tea with lots of ginger. Will be using less of dippers and more of the hot water boiled with these ingredients by Moha


  2. Graduating from Cranberry to Cranberry Apple Tea

    Now that I have tasted Cranberry-flavored herbal tea, today presented the opportunity of tasting a wonderful-sounding variation of the reddish, goodness-enriched Cranberry tea. First impressions: the flavor is strong unlike only-Cranberry green tea which was light and mildly scented. Perhaps, the excessive flavoring has been created by my supply of warm water that has some cinnamon in it. I plan to try it with plain water too but first impressions suggest that the green apple flavor is in trace amounts and it does not create a fruity blend with Cranberry—the mix has been created with great enthusiasm but perhaps, using these flavors purely, individualistically is a better approach - will be updating this space again as soon as I try the concoction again…

  3. Sounds very interesting. Can I find this green tea in the US?


    1. I think would be a great place to find it.


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