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When Healthy Snacking Makes Too Much Noise

Canine Humor - Eating Habits
I have been eating healthier, snacking with even more discretion. The realm of snacks now includes multiple salad combinations and a range of snacks that are roasted or are low on frying or use of edible oils. However, there is a small issue. My seating is compact, too closed-in for my comfort. As a result, there is always a chance of the crunchier stuff making a lot of noise, no matter how hard I try.

Since this I mostly home-wrapped snacking, the typical plasticky-crinkly sound associated with opening commercially supplied snack packets is not the problem. It is more about the stuff that is actually edible. Salads in particular, with a high amount of veggies, are a sinner in this case. After some time, you feel a bit conscious, particularly during the winter season when the air-conditioning and the fans are switched-off and the smallest sounds can be heard. Am now trying to take shorter, miniscule pantry breaks which provides another benefit – helps me move around a bit and eat with nothing weighing down my mind. I sense that after reading the headline here, you guys must have guessed that my snacking habits is engaging the wrong kind of attention – not happening – my team doesn’t say a thing as far as my eccentricities are concerned:)

My snacking list now includes

  • Citrusy fruits
  • Almonds
  • Diced dates
  • Cashews
  • Boiled corn bits
  • Cereal flakes
  • Baked potato chips
  • Popped corn
  • Radish
  • Carrots - red and purple
  • Raisins
  • Homemade dips
  • Multiple salad combinations
  • Semi-sweet biscuits, leveraged towards chocolate-y flavors
  • No-sugar cocoa-coffee mix, often mixed with Bournvita
  • Gudd or jaggery blocks
  • No sugar apple juice
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  1. Snacking Conversations: You Cannot Have Green Tea With Everything
    This is for folks who believe that green tea is the Cola of all things healthy, i.e. just as a can of Coke seems like the best partner to collaborate with anything you eat, some people advocate using green tea. However, herbal drinks are not the best bet since they are not supposed to be consumed with a proper, heavy meal and are best reserved for periods when your actual food intake is at the bare minimum. Plus, the taste, immediate and after-taste, is a big issue. Try eating an apple with your favorite green tea and am sure you will hate the flavor. There is too much going on there and leaves your palate challenged…


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