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DIY Lifestyle Tuning: Finding Ways to Salad(ify) My Day

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Finding Ways to Eat Salad Every Day &
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The last days of November 2017 is when I contracted Jaundice and since then, salads have become a major part of the day’s food supplies. I was recommended gorging on radish in order to boost my recovery. Actually the real advice was to consume radish juice, mixing it with aloe vera or sugarcane juice in order to make it sweeter, more edible. This was necessary since radish extract is very bitter and creates a nauseating feeling – not a good thing when you are trying to push food down your throat to boost the daily calories and nutrition. After spending weeks at home, ramping my radish consumption, I was back at my loyal work desk. Here, I had to maintain my intake of salad and as a result I created a few nifty ways of boosting the overall salad consumption.

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My system for increasing salad intake every day is working rather well with:
  • Eating medium-sized portions of salad with each meal, including breakfast
  • Carrying a small box filled with chopped veggies to much upon every time I feel sleepy
  • Snacking on radish and carrots along with hot drinks like coffee or tea
  • Cheating on breads and putting in an extra layer of tomatoes in sandwiches
  • Using the excessive crunchiness of salads to distract myself whenever I feel am getting obsessive about something
  • Loading-up dishes that do rather well when combined with the crunchiness and bite-fulness of salads like spaghetti, noodles and pastas 
IMAGE vegetables in cheese sandwich is not your roughage

Looking at My Immediate Salad Future

When summer comes, the approach would need to be tweaked a bit more. Cold salads from the fridge is not something I really like. The extra fiber has started doling out the benefits with more regular bowel moment, lesser episodes of feeling unusually full. We haven’t tried lettuce as a part of my red and green quota for the day. I am also exploring the niche of salad eating without this habit getting too boring. The idea is to stay away from sauces and dips which kill the purpose of consuming something really healthy. As I wrap-up this update for January 8th, am looking at my salad box for today – a bit smaller than usual but then I would be consuming a glassful of beetroot juice in the afternoon today.

PS: all the salad combinations, and their packaging, is handled by my wife – am too lazy to do this on my own! Once again, Moha proves she is a Life-saver, a true nurturer!

Updated on January 23, 2018:

It has been a day over month since I started gorging on salads. So far, the results are very clear without any confusion. Bowel movements are a lot better, less bloating and there is minimal need to exert myself when seated on the bathroom throne. Needless to say this helps me subtract multiple cups of tea or milky preparations that were often needed to push the cargo through the tunnel of hope & darkness...:)

Updated on October 17, 2018:

This year, so far, I have been able to stick to healthier eating habits. If it is not a lot of salad for the day, I do have my dose of green and herbal tea mixes. Salads is also about keeping it natural, and these days, I make sure to carry some apples in my office bag. Whenever I run out of my daily snacking options, the Apple becomes inevitable. The big minus is the salad that I am not having at dinner these days. Perhaps, the season change and the recurring phlegm-heavy coughing or thereabouts is the main reason where people usually say that salads should be minimized during the evening hours. Just a couple of weeks more, the change of guard in Autumn Winter will be underway and I will be back to my carrot-heavy ways.


  1. January 10th,2018: this week is more about carrots of different types, from the usual shade of red to the ones that are almost purple. The idea is to load up on antioxidants and micronutrients that are found in this seasonal vegetable for a very short period of the year. The soup is waiting - will restart it on Thursday in all probability.


  2. Bengal Grams| Chana for All-round Snacking Benefits
    This is about having tested a thousand different types of healthy snacking options and pruning the list to the bare minimum – every time I have done this exercise, it emerges that the good old chana is perhaps your biggest ally to defeat the hunger cravings and ensure that your energy levels don't dip drastically. Me and my wife tend to make small batches, taking turns to ensure the Chana is perfectly roasted on a light to medium flame without any excess of oil or salt


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