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My Precious…Utterly Moha-licious DIY Chocolates

DIY Dark Chocolates | Wife's Cooking Review
The basics first – if you still haven’t figured out that Moha is my wife’s name, you are definitely an idiot. Now, cutting it straight to the topic: Moha prepared a batch of dark chocolates and milk chocolates yesterday. This was her third attempt and by now, am pretty sure she has rounded-up all the permutations and combinations that go in DIY chocolates. The goods will be distributed across three households and my workplace, each averaging a batch of around 25 units each. Sharing a few things with you apart from the image:

  • Me & Moha made this together. I was responsible for greasing the molds and scooping out the settled stuff
  • We used cashews, raisins, walnuts, almonds (and some groping)
  • Turns out that silicone molds are the best
  • We did rum chocolates, plain milk chocolates, chocolates that combined dark and milk chocolate compound - eating these with herbal tea at the office is the ideal way to stay awake
  • This time around, we experimented with bigger chocolates that have a gooey inside, filled with kiwi and mixed fruit jam, i.e. individually - did just about 8 units of this variation
  • A makeshift mold that was originally part of a bigger chocolate packaging turned out to be really useful - will be searching for more on Amazon
  • Using olive oil for greasing the molds is better. Leaves no residues and has no odor - always grease, comprehensively and minimally
  • Freezing time is not much. Just about 5 minutes and you don't want to turn chocolates into rock solid blocks - lowering the freezer temperature can help
  • Rum mixes well with milk chocolate compound, it doesn’t solidify immediately - you might want to start with this
  • Rum creates a chemical reaction with dark chocolates compound, instantly thickening the mix, almost instantly - you need to put-in some labor here
  • Stirring the chocolate mix continuously is a big help, keeps the contents better textured, more maneuverable


  1. The next batch is going to be with better molds, bought from Amazon, more dried fruits and using more sprinkling choices to ensure the presentation is a bit more dynamic, more colorful

  2. We tried baking a cake and the results were a blend of falling flat on our face and some success:
    - tried a chocolate-rich cake
    - made the perfect batter, whisked into submission
    - preheated the microwave properly
    - filled the baking can too much, leaving little room for the batter swelling
    - cake emerge uncooked from within, the core was gooey
    - the crust was charred in places, almost burnt
    - second batch helped save some grace with better all-round dynamics
    - coated with milk chocolate compound and Gems


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