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Don't Look Down upon Window Shopping Food - It is a Thriving Sub-culture

Animal Humor Picture - Bunny Buying Food
It is not aimless if you have a habit of visiting alleys and local markets that are overflowing with food stalls, roadside eateries, open caf├ęs and vendors that sell food in the raw, semi-processed and highly packaged form. The reason? This too is a type of window shopping! Why should the idea of physically browsing through shopping lanes without any intention of buying be restricted to apparel and lifestyle niche only?

In fact, whiffing through the natural and man-made flavors, witnessing the outburst of colors that beautifully contrast each other, making mental markers for what seems like a snack joint worth trying, and rechecking the list in your mind about the household fruit situation…all of these make-up for an interesting and very productive shopping journey.

More Humane Window Shopping

Unlike branded retail outlets that often have that cold vibe of you not being worthy enough to buy a certain type of merchandise, window shopping farm supplies and local produce that eventually make it to our kitchens or commercial establishments is less biased, more liberating and has greater chances of stimulating your thinking glands [yes, I believe there is a gland that induces ideas in people]. People say that being surrounded by too much food can be a cause for apprehensions and sadness as you really cannot eat it all. However, I believe that this is a great environment where you get to see cooking rituals, regional gastronomic practices and recipes that seem magical. This is like absorbing the culture of a new city with the only difference being that vibes from people gives way to how different preparations engage your mind and landscapes give way to food stalls, flea market shops, weekend food festivals, farm produce daytime carts, fast food vans and restaurants with kitchens that seem like suave assembly-line systems.

Introspection for Your Food Choices

I have realized that taking a short trip to a nearby market that is thick with footfalls of people buying every type of snack, meal and packaged food type can catalyze thoughts about how to try new permutations and combinations in the kitchen. Calling such food-sightseeing trips an exploration is a bit of stretch but often it helps you reconnect with foods that you might have let go off unconsciously!

Updated on January 29, 2018
I indulged in some food shopping yesterday, without actually buying the stuff, at a new mall we just came across in Dwarka. Pinnacle Mall is rather big and the daily delight section is stuffed with daily supplies. This includes a lot of food merchandise and kitchen items apart from some dining essentials - all of these are my favorites when it comes to spending time with the liberty of time and just observe the beautiful creations. BTW Moha was "actually" shopping at that time...wait a minute, is she reading this?

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