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My Wavering Aversion to Cabbage – Don't Count on It

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The good things first – I can eat cabbage, without any apprehensions, when it is used as a part of a bigger salad ensemble or layered between multiple slots of a sandwich. I like the crunchiness, I like the greenness of this leafy veggie. However, there is one problem – if I eat it too raw or too cooked, it challenges my threshold for patience. I share this weird relationship with cabbage. If I can smell the odor that emerges from a leafy veggie being cooked, I just cannot eat it. Camouflage this smell and it becomes very edible. Leave it absolutely raw without anything sprinkled on it, and it becomes difficult for me to chew it. Served it as a part of kuchumbar salad preparation, and I start liking it. This journey hate & love journey began in school.

A couple of occasions where I brought back the lunch untouched meant my secret was out. Suddenly, almost overnight in the most unknowing fashion I had become a partial cabbage hater. There have been various forms in which I have hated this vegetable but the type cooked with potatoes is perhaps the one that induced the maximum degree of pukiness. To this day, watching someone eat a bowl of cabbage in that soupy manner with a bit of vapor makes me cringe. Lately, me and cabbage are playing in the good zone, reciprocating the seasonal love that we owe to Winters having settled for good in the city. How long this will last? I have no idea…

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Not the Best Way to Boost Your Enthusiasm for Cabbage?

Updated on February 1, 2018: with salads becoming a more intrinsic part of my daily diet, the focus has been on veggies of all types. This also means the purple-colored cabbage that is not that easy to find. We are trying it use across a larger spread of daily preparations, not limiting it to recipe-induced usage. So not just macaroni or noodles, cabbage-ing it now also means simple sandwiches, dicing the wavy bands for dips, and using it as an accessory to add color to any preparation. Something as simple as Maggi appears visually more captivating if you add some beetroot and red cabbage to it though it does not change the taste in any way. Next, foreseeable, target is maintaining the same intake as summers approach - my most hated part of the year when it also becomes hard to keep the salads fresn and sane. Will update now that February 2018 has begun and temperatures are slowly rising...

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