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Seeking Compliments Has Got Nothing To Do With Vanity…In Most Cases

Dog Humor Picture - Dressed Up Dog Feeling Confident
There is this skewed perception that if you are curious about how many compliments you will get for a favorite pullover you are wearing to the office, there is something very narcissistic about you – it seems that the debate for seeking admiration about yourself is pretty much settled, i.e. you are chasing vanity, it boosts your ego levels. However, this idea is rather messed-up. A compliment or two can be very soothing, helping you get in the right mood when starting your day or navigating through it. A difficult day at the office can seem less overwhelming if someone admires your wardrobe combination or the new watch you are wearing.

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Yes, it boosts your ego, raises the self-admiration levels, but this is not being egoistical. Everyone, most humans, have this basic need to be appreciated. It boosts their confidence levels, puts a smile on the face when the day seems too hard. 

There is NO Downside to being Eager for a Compliment 

In many ways, it is just like healthy flirting – harmless and spontaneous, it helps to spread warm vibes, perhaps start a conversation and make someone feel good without a condition or underlying, undisclosed intention. The fine line exists between being desperate to get a compliment and putting in just that extra few minutes when getting ready or making yourself heard more, fully aware that your initiative can win some accolades. Is this unhealthy? NO – it is fundamental psychology where sub-consciously, most of us need the acknowledgment and something more. 

Can Work Like a Daily Fix for Better Good Mental Health 

Despite human interactions withering away, the smallest of praises can help people feel better about themselves, even if not for the entire day or week, at least for some hours and this is no trivial achievement. Just look around and you will find that most folks have developed this sick nexus connecting their mind to the body. The result is many undiagnosed conditions and symptoms that seem to have erupted out of nowhere. If a couple of words can lift someone’s sinking spirits, is it not worth a shot??

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  1. I keep hearing some words used by lifestyle bloggers and people writing for fashion or grooming online magazines, each here, in bold along with my first impression about it:
    Manscaping when does it become peculiar, too feminine?
    Metrosexual vanity is not related to small town folks?
    Open Pores are dilated pores such a big grooming nightmare?
    Wearing Pink does this mean you are definitely gay?


  2. The strangest thing happened - this dog in the image was taken from Google Images but I found the exact same canine, I mean aesthetics-wise, in my own block. The same black and white colour combinations, the same well-shampooed furry coat and his name? Oreo!!


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