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Are your dreams always wintery?

Funny Dog - Dreaming About Winters
This is a bit strange and somewhat personal – I tend to dream very sporadically and within the realm of visuals that my mind sketches, there is always a preference for winters being the background. As long as I am dreaming about having turned into a father, raising a family, the retirement years or feeling good about my financial might, the landscape is always extreme winter. Really cannot understand the reason for this. There is nothing special I have achieved in this time of the year. In fact, the last two winters have been rather hard on me, financially, health-wise and from an emotional perspective. Even when the mind ruminates about how I can make my mother’s last year’s happier, the setting is always cold, with the temperatures dipping rather drastically. When dreaming about my imaginary baby son, whom I would love to call JUNIOR, the setting is same – the boy-toy is dressed in cute, costume-like woolens.

During schooling years, winters were about studying a lot and preparing for exams – not exactly a wonderful thing to register in your sub-conscience. Twice, during winters, we lost some dearly loved family members. The grounds for some degree of domestic trouble in my household also rooted itself during cold climatic conditions. I have one theory to explain this but it isn’t exactly great, i.e. my hatred for the summer season is so acute that its exact opposite is portrayed by my mind when I dream – does that make sense?

Is this strange? Do your dreams have a seasonal preference?


  1. Everyone talks about winters being the perfect cuddling season. I feel this is also the time when you feel more comfortable with your body. The reason is perhaps the multiple layers of clothing that make every bit of the self-hated body zones comprehensively concealed.

  2. It is the end of winters here in Delhi - December 2017 to the second week of February 2018 has been a happy journey for quite a few reasons:
    Health - recovered from jaundice
    Wealth - finally got a close-to-full salary plus interest from fixed deposits
    Wisdom - chartered a more realistic, more humane daily life management plan
    Work - saw my TL really mature into the role. Great going Saks
    Wardrobe - made some rather good sweatshirt choices, smart ones, real good!!
    Food - lots of gajar ka halwa
    Wife - lots of pyaar, dulaar, etc. [things not meant to be shared with you perverts]


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