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Farhan Akhtar: too dexterous to believe?

Farhan Seems to be Deviating from his Directorial Skills
The guy is seriously talented, almost too good to be human. I am talking about Farhan Akhtar. He has a chiseled physique that would make Stallone proud. Plus, he directs, acts, dances and sings. Add to this, he is also good at story-boarding and doing the screenplay for movies directed by him or by his sister, who is supposed to be equally skilled. I wonder what kind of a genetic mix these guys inherited. Born to a father like Javed Akhtar and their immediate environment consisting of someone as holistically talented like Shabana Azmi does make a difference I guess. However, I would like to say that just being born to talented parents does not mean you are going to be as good. You have to make up your mind and go through the grind!! … this was a good rhyme, wasn’t it?

Some thoughts that immediately come to mind the affable Farhan Akhtar:

  • Farhan has this masochistic, raw, somewhat rural appeal. He can look suave but not a metro sexual guy, at least not someone fancy like many of the younger crop these days
  • He can look highly sophisticated or an earthy sort, next-door guy with equal ease
  • Bodily transformations to fit the role is his forte
  • Not the best advertising choices but he happens to be not the highest paid performers
  • Looking forward to more intense scripts and movies from him
  • Somewhere, the versatility has been under-used by the director pool we have today
  • He can easily be the self-writing authority on songs, lyrics, dialogues, etc.
  • Still has not created that big pair that people will refer to for a long period
  • The FM improvisation of Farhan and Javed Akhtar is really funny - they do justice to the plot
  • Farhan is clearly lost in multi-starrers, he needs his own space to own the roleTad bit of controversy or news-making potential might make him a greater star-dusted performer
  • Never seen him perform at big movie premieres or awards' nights
  • Roles bringing him and Amitabh Bachchan on the same platform have been shoddy
  • You cannot take the natural intensity away from him - this defines his on-screen persona
  • This also makes him rather challenged when it comes to typically comic roles
  • Waiting to see him in a lighter role, even a rom-com would do for the sake of seeing Farhan play the entire field
  • Seen him paired with Bachchan but the movie could not host two actors that good and that SERIOUS LOOKING
  • Perhaps one of the best multi-genre, super-skilled, well-rooted actors in the industry today!

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