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Spacing-out Your Meals for a Better Work Day - DIY Workplace Eating Management

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I have this feeling that everyone around me is either stressed, constipated or waiting for that one, big chance that floods their life with money. Not getting to where you wanted to be, every day, can hit you hard, more so, it can hit your psychological make-up. The result is a feeling of lethargy, malaise, not having enough energy for the daily chores, especially during the daytime, at the office. There is no immediate solution for such issues. You need to think alternatively and make some lifestyle changes...I am going to talk about eating in a way that contributes to better mood, more energy and helps you get through the day more constructively!

DIY Workplace Eating Management: Making Most Bites Count

Here is how I spread-out my food intake throughout the day to ensure I don't end-up with a bloated abdomen or have my energy levels sinking just as I reach the office:

- Morning tea, with more nuts like almonds and some dates rather than too many cookies. In fact, say NO to cookies. You don't need that sugar rush when you have just woken up or have started the day
- Nothing too sweet, nothing sinfully sweet. The tea is without sugar too as I use the natural sweetness of dates to sweeten-up my mouth
- Time to put together the daily ensemble of clothes, laundry, lunch, etc. Step out for a bit of cardio and stretching
- Small breakfast with eggs being an essential. No sugary or carbonated drinks unless I am feeling  very low but even then, just a couple of sips
- At the work desk, green tea and jaggery to detoxify myself in a natural way
- After a couple of hours, first half of the lunch, i.e. not eating my lunch at one go
- Time for a 30-minute break with other Managers where I try to walk some bit to ensure better circulation
- The small walk also aids the digestion and keeps the bloating away
- Back to work, after a few minutes, second part of the lunch, around 3 pm - 4 pm
- Evening tea, preparing my mind for the last couple of hours for the daily crusade that is known as work-life
- Cheating a bit on sugar here, using the good, dippy but sweet biscuits so that I get a kick to carry on for the long drive back home

At home, dinner is divided across the week as:
- fruit day
- salad day
- proper meal day
- cheat day that means ice-creams or a dessert
- snack & tea day!

After my recent bout of Jaundice, salads and soups have been increased.
Jaundice start date - November 27, 2017
Jaundice last stages - January 5, 2017 onwards

Updated on February 28, 2018: am trying to regain control of my overall daytime management. A big part of this is, as shared with you, managing the food. My wife has been incredible here, ensuring that my office bag is packed with the seriousness of rationing a soldier. Almost every day, I have fruits, salads, curd, green tea blends, and more snacking options apart from the lovingly cooked lunch that is heated in our good-old hot case at the office. This also means a bit of interesting playful space for me where I have conversations with myself to ensure that I space-out the meals in the most productive manner. From ensuring the sweet cravings are answered to keeping something reserved for the sleep-inducing 4 pm to 5 pm slot, I try my best to cover all aspects of the situation...

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