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The Jaundice Battles: Liver Recovery, Managing Symptoms

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Jaundice is really energy draining | Kills You Inside-Out
Recently, about 3.5 weeks back, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Turns out, I was never vaccinated for this medical condition. Though Jaundice sounds like a very regular disease, non-fatal and easy to combat, the reality is quite different. The fact remains that Jaundice takes a toll on your liver. This invariably means lesser ability to metabolize or digest food. The body is unable to holistically remove its toxic overheads and the result is a culmination of many health conditions.

DIY Jaundice Management - More Prevention over Prescription Drugs

For me, it has been a process of weight loss and now trying to gain back some pounds – the journey is quite difficult as you literally cannot eat anything that has been cooked at a commercial joint and there is always a threat of the relapse that would literally screw me at my workplace. After nearly a month of absence, I have joined back my office and it seems that it will take another month or so to regain a fraction of my muscle mass and some meat around the shoulders and chest area – these, I deem necessary for maintaining a basic sense of proportional body appearance.

It has been nearly 5 weeks now and most of the yellowness has gone. However, there are some specks of the yellowish hue towards the bottom of the eye. The scratchy feeling, where I would tend to scrape my skin off too has subsided - a sign that the toxins in the bloodstream have come down drastically. The next test is scheduled 10 days from now and I will keep you guys updated about it.

Wish me Luck!! 

Things I learned from my Jaundice battles:

- spread out your meals
- have smaller meals throughout the day
- even the smallest things like garlic matter for detoxification
- toxin build and fat deposition in liver takes years and does not go away easily
- try to gorge on fruits that are seasonal
- fruit juices are a game-changer when it comes to recovering quickly
- keep away from raw milk products, invest your appetite into yogurts

Follow-up to this blog on January 24, 2018

It is almost a month now and the body is showing definite signs of recovery. Am just sharing these to help someone else suffering from the same thing. Current status that accounts for 'good recovery' status:
- energy levels are much better. Feeling of no energy reserve is pretty much gone
- hunger pangs are back and so are the sweet cravings and post-supper curiosity for what is next
- urine continues to be pale yellow but no more foaming and bubbling
- color & consistency of stools is reasonably normal, the dullish hue has given way to normal shades
-  days of negligible taste in the mouth now replaced with my original sensitivity to most ingredients

I also wanted to share that during this tough period of recovery the support of my wife has been exemplary. She did not let me to wallow and self-pity my condition, pushing me towards a more relaxed way of recuperating. Another thing I wanted to share - using Patanjali Liv Amrit. This medicine has Bhumi Amla - a herb slightly different from the conventional Indian Gooseberry. One of my manager friends had mentioned using this herb and after some search, I found this as a part of the liver tonic that seems to be working. Will keep you guys posted if there is anything else that I can share to make your Jaundice recovery easier! Take Care!

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