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Trying to Breathe-In, Hold and Then, Exhale the Anxiety Out of ME

Breathe Better Anxiety Help
If you have visited this blog a couple of times, it would have been apparent by now that am a unique blend of being a hypochondriac, serial assumer, and unnecessarily honest. Each of these traits, combined with my ability to shunt out any human interaction that does not seem important leads to a widening space for feeling anxious. I have been in and out of gym sessions and yoga classes to help me unwind better, stop the overthinking and get more realistic about life.

More DIY Anxiety Management Tips

One small exercise that I do to beat away a medium or low-strength anxiety build-up is breathing in the situation, its aura, and then talking to my body as I exhale it. There is no real magic here. Deep breathing knowledge is plenty on Google and you must have heard about deep breathing versus shallow breathing. The latter is what most of us do without realizing how we are allowing anxiety to overtake, ruining the complex mechanism that is our body & mind!If you want to know more about why deep breathing is such a highly recommended stress management tool, Google "what is shallow breathing" and learn about how, in all probability, you have been breathing long, perhaps your entire life! 

Updated on January 24, 2018: the once passive and almost totally resolved OCD tends to come back in a less aggressive manner, raising its ugly head at the most unanticipated moments. Today morning, my mind was fixed over carrying my wallet and tabs in the office bag. Did not give into it but yes, had some degree of sweating - still counting it as good anxiety management!

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