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Gastric Health Upkeep: Using the Enigma called Isabgol

Using Isabgol for IBS, Constipation, Improving Gut Health
Say aloud the word and you can bet on all the heads in the room turning towards you as if you shouted something unholy. However, try the same thing in a patient waiting room where you have diabetics, those diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and folks fighting away the flab, and Isabgol immediately seems something most people can relate with! There is a trick to using Isabgol and you have to be a bit patient since the concoctions take some time to work their magic. Sharing My Gastric Management Strategies - this is what I have learned from my experiences:

- Mixing Isabgol with curd: the best remedy if you have IBS, acidity or the stool movement seems to be lazy. This is not for those diagnosed with chronic constipation. This Isabgol blend helps to add more fiber to the intestinal pathways, helping to add bulk to your stools. Try this if you want that feeling of accomplishment as you lift your proud-self from the toilet seat

- Mixing Isabgol with water: this is where it all gets confusing for many people. This blend is about creating a natural, least addictive laxative. In fact, this is not a real laxative. It does nothing like the wide range of products you find at pharmacies that promise to line your intestines with something revolutionary or claim detoxifying your guts. This is just a heavy-duty bulking agent that creates some degree of urgency to pass stools. Try to take it early evening for a better day at the toilet seat, the next morning

- Mixing Isabgol with Milk: now this is a dangerous zones for those who have diarrhea-predominant IBS. Why? Isabgol when mixed with water forms a borderline case of intestinal cleansing product. The result can be felt within a few hours. You have to be highly, and I mean astronomically, constipated not to feel the effect!

- Mixing 1 Tablespoon of Isabgol with Fruit Juice: this is what I call the mid-line, walking the best path, being in the middle, without going at either extremes of diarrhea or constipation. This is the way to ensure you have that well-evacuated feeling after visiting the washroom. This might work to ensure more regular bowel movement. The amount matters because you don't want serious bulking affect of Isabgol

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  1. Jan 18 - 2018: some people tend to chew raw isabgol and swallow it with lassi or any type of curd preparation. This sounds doable but you need to be a bit relaxed with the results. This approach might make you run to the loo a couple of more times than imagined.

  2. Some tips from what I have tried with Isabgol and from borrowed knowledge:

    - there is no need to soak the husk overnight
    - if you have ultra-refined husk, use a smaller dose
    - don't use it after a light meal. Best with a stomach-filling meal
    - not to be taken with lots of tea or coffee that nullify the effect
    - don't mix it with flavored milk though plain milk for clearing the intestines can work
    - not a good option for those suffering from chronic, diarrhea-linked IBS
    - start with small doses, measured amount
    - using with curd actually works with both types of IBS, constipation and diarrhea related, just ensure starting small
    - can be used as your weekend gut health treatment
    - best not combined with too much salads or beans or else the effect can be sooner than you expect!!

  3. Try using garlic oil pills - easy to find and cheap nd very effective


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