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Allergy to prescription medicines? Read This...

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2017 has been a bit overwhelming, with nearly four instances of a full-blown allergic reaction on the face. This seemed like a herpes breakout and I was using multiple anti-virals for this at one point. Subsequent medical investigation yielded the fact that the breakouts were closer to and more likely to happen again when using certain medications. The trick, as I have realized, after a lot of suffering, lies in finding out the possible factors and then creating layers of self-defense, where you want to avoid the possible allergens, especially when you are already suffering from some disease or a temporary condition like the flu.

Dealing with Allergy to Medicines

GIF of Cold Sore LipsI have a history of IBS and there are some digestive system meds that keep me company. Now, the body seems to have developed a bit of un-friendliness to these salts. However, the fear of herpetic breakouts is still there in mind. The condition is truly scary when the attack comes on. Each episode is a bit like this:

- the feeling of something tingling in the lips
- a certain numbness in the lips
- gradual blowing-up of lips
- the swelling is severe around the mouth and lower nose area
- simultaneous, swelling in left eye along with pus discharge
- very quickly, the sores spread inside out, making it difficult to hide the ugliness
- soon, you start questioning God, the purpose of like, the unluckiness in your life
- days of absenteeism from work follow and work-related worries pile up
- you tend to eat softer foods and Google herpes medications like an obsessed maniac
- you try to put together the best of homeopathic, allopathic and supplement blends to boost recovery
...when the crusting begins, you know, this will take days and immense melancholy takes over...!

Funny Image Herculean Herpes Soldier
I have met a skin specialist, assuming this was a dermatological issue. However, it seems the issue is with my immune system which reacts in the most un-Godly ways when I am either physically or mentally exhausted, or both, and overwork myself to the extent of making myself highly anxious - and yes, anxiety is also the perpetrator of my IBS!!

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