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Sofit Soy Milk Review: Good not Great with Limited Future

soy milk versus cow milk digestive tolerance imageI wasn’t too happy about the idea of trying soy milk. The reason was simple – my milk consumption is already abysmal. I have it in the form of curds and minimally milk-infused shakes. The latter is due to my disposition caused by years of struggle with IBS – this condition made me almost lactose intolerant. As a result, there has been this inclination of trying alternatives. This is how I reached Sofit Soy Milk. Seated on a shelf at a nearby mall, this product was somewhat tested before. I had tasted the sample but it was a bit too flavored to ascertain the real flavor. I don’t like anything that is dairy and too sweet. Even chocolates or ice-cream should be moderately sweet. The choice was natural. I had to buy the No-Sugar-Added variety of Sofit Soy and try it with some DIY combinations…

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First of Sofit Soy Milk Impressions

There is nothing wrong with the product. It is better tasting than its contemporaries I guess. However, the no sugar variety means that the blandness of soy gets a boost. The result is a rather UN-tasteful, and not distasteful, glass of something close to being a milk-shake replacement. I bet nobody can have it in its packaged format, particularly when served chilled. At room temperature, the bland taste is somewhat kept in check. I combined this with more dedicated online search to find reasons for drinking soy milk. Pro-soy milk discussions were few. I moved on and tried various combinations of Sofit Soy Milk for better feedback:
  • With some fiber-rich, brown-colored sugar – blends rather well…recommended for its earthy, almost rural taste. Takes away any sense of sophistication in the soy drink you are having. This type of sugar also adds more fibrous nature to every sip. Not recommended if you like your soy milk shake very refined and without various textures
  • With cornflakes – a decent combination but you will miss the conventional taste of dairy milk. This milk equal actually takes more time to wet and penetrate the surface of flakes. Not the best bet if you want that typical dairy-ness in your cereal bow.
  • With some honey – a recommended combo, easy to mix the honey and does not overwhelm the taste buds. Honey blends rather well with soy milk and does a great job of being a healthier sweetener. Just ensure that you don't add too much as the original flavor might be eliminated
  • With nothing, i.e. standalone – you can drink some when eating something sweet or spicy. I have also consume Sofit with bites of dark chocolate. These combinations work rather well and don't spoil or bump-up the taste of the drink. These are for you to try and decide which one works best for you.

Overall Sentiments about Packed Soy Milk

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  • If you are seriously lactose intolerant, soy milk makes a lot of sense. It gives you proteins and supplements the lack of dairy in your diet.
  • If you are modestly lactose intolerant, like me, you can use soy milk off and on. I don’t think anyone can have it regularly.
  • If you are not lactose intolerant but want to cut out the dairy fat, try soy milk with a pinch of sugar or some sweet cornflakes.


Equally Important - how about making packed soy milk a greener choice?

Try to recycle the empty carton for something. sliced the top, using it as a temporary bin which I later dumped into the bigger dustbin. What I saved from this? Using plastic polythene carriers which are an environmental hazard! This is easy DIY work and makes you an instantly greener consumer!

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