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Metro Service Updates Missing: How About Express Services?

Riding Delhi Metro | Express Line Opinion
The Metro continues to serve the city without grudges or any discrimination. Its' services have been diversified and amplified to ensure that the Metro riders are further comforted. However, there is something missing in all that is being planned for the Delhi Metro. I have a recommendation and I guess, it does make some serious sense. There are a lot of folks like me who use the Metro for traveling daily, from the city to the NCR.

Luxury-class ticketed, higher fare express route services make sense

Despite the great connectivity, the sheer volume of passengers and the inter-changing takes a serious toll on the comfort factor, often leaving the commuters gasping for breath. I want to propose an Express Line. This service could be run just three or four times a day from major city pick-up locations, straight to the NCR drop points without stopping in between. Such a service cannot be run during the high-traffic hours. It would only be feasible towards the earliest of hours when the Delhi Metro commences its' services for the day and maybe, just once or twice more during the course of the day. Once the daily NCR commuters know of such a service, they and their workplaces would ensure that it is used to their benefit. The Metro too can benefit from it by charging a premium amount for an exclusive service.

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  1. It has been a long time since I came back to blogging for myself rather than for the purpose of earning the daily bread. During this time, express services for the Metro were launched. In fact, at my current residence at Dwarka,we have the luxury of a service that is as good as the Shatabdi. The only issue being that the servcie is slow with a long waiting period between the train arrivals...


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