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PDA of the Worst Kind: The Metro-antics

The reason I have turned "Romantics" into "Metro-antics" is simply because displaying your love, lust or whatever makes you stick to your guy/gal in the presence of at least a thousand watchful eyes unashamedly in the Metro is just beyond my levels of comprehension. How can anybody explain a guy and gal, sandwiched between, sweaty armpits and massive bellies stopping just short of pecking each other? This is probably the worst kind of PDA I have
ever come across. This is not about me being irritated by something that is bearable to others. This is not being jealous about not having a girlfriend at the moment. It is about basic manners, hygiene and reacting to a few fools that can be located in each of the Metro cubicles. They were always around, usually limited to the few, empty corners of the Metro platforms, often taking refuge along the unused sections of the stairs. This is something that still goes around and is digestable. It doesn't make you sick if a couple is slightly cuddled-up a few meters away from you but having to bear the same sight within the confines of the usual, overcrowded Metro cubicle just makes me nauseous. Is it desperation or just the urge to announce to the world that yes! we have a date that makes people do such things?

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