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Dem Lost Souls

Being an avid Metro user and a keen observer, I couldn't help notice people who choose to remain clueless and wander the Delhi Metro platforms as if they are sightseeing. For the uninitiated, I am not talking about people using the Delhi Metro for the first time or those who are genuinely dumb. I am talking about folks who use the Delhi Metro rather often and actually know the routes. However, they have this penchant to ask for directions, reconfirm the routes and re-reconfirm what they already know. These Lost Souls can be found at
most Delhi Metro stations, vaguely floating from one co-passenger to another, nodding their head after hearing an answer they already know. Please understand that the Delhi Metro platform offer immediately-searchable and easy-to-understand information. So what drives people to repeatedly confirming their position on a Delhi Metro platform despite being fully aware that they are the right place and won't be kidnapped by aliens? I guess it is just a case of being spooked out by the long winding tunnels of the Delhi Metro which they fear might suck them oblivion or an overworked sense of imagination that makes them feel that that Metro tracks are ghost-controlled and tend to change every day, after midnight!

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