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Panesar or Samit Patel: Eng Doesn't Have Much to Choose

This morning I read in the newspapers that the England team is contemplating two left-arm spinners in the opening test match against India. Supposedly, this view is fueled by the fact that some of the Indian middle-order batsmen have struggled to score freely against left-arm spinners. I understand this perspective considering that even Tendulkar has got out to Ashely Giles who could have been quite useful in the ongoing test series. However, Giles is out of international cricket and Panesar is out-of-form and out-of-favor. The responsibility now lies on the shoulders of Samit Patel who is an underrated spinner, especially by the Indian batsmen who might be hoping to hit him out of the attack. However, Patel could be a surprising proposition assuming he would be given leg-side field settings by Alistair Cook and would get a lot of rough outside the leg stump. However, I don't understand the Panesar vs Samit Patel question. Panesar has not done anything of note in the last three years or so while Samit has scored runs and taken wickets, even if not by the bunch, in T20s and one-day matches in the recent past.

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