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Tendulkar on the Brink of Easing Out or Comeback to Greatness?

This question would be reigning supreme on the mind of devoted Tendulkar fans as the India-England test series 2012 gets underway. For many, this is perhaps the last time the maestro would be playing the Brits on home pitches and perhaps, his last attempt at redeeming himself. Yes, I realize that this might sound a bit too judgmental but the fact remains that the great Sachin has failed to deliver as a batsmen in the test arena for nearly two seasons now. His talents and records shouldn't be the parameter to judge his place in the team. Yes, some degree of preferential treatment is understandable since his talent is beyond human comparison and even the Gods dare not question his genius. However, I still maintain that current form should be the driving force for selection. Perhaps, the Great One should lead by example and judge his own form after the first two test matches. If he hasn't delivered in four innings, he could set a precedent by asking to be eased-out for the remaining matches. This could be the yardstick by which Indian teams are chosen in the future since expecting anything transparent or brave from the selectors is akin to waiting for the Titanic to resurrect itself. 

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