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Team New Zealand Seriously Needs an Injection of Talent

If the economic crisis bludgeoning the European economies had to be used as a parameter to find a parallel situation in the world of cricket, the New Zealand cricketing fraternity would be the most probable option for me. The reasons are not to hard to find for this rather pessimistic but real analysis. Performance of the Kiwi players has been on the decline for nearly four years. Apart from Vettori and a once-promising Ross Taylor, the team does not seem to have any other player who can engage respect or awe from the cricketing fans. To make matters worse, McCullum has turned into a specialist T20 players
which has turned the batting crisis into a nightmare for the Kiwis. There is no semblance of team balance or what sort of talent mix rolling out from New Zealand dressing room. Ask any cricketing fan to name at least five Kiwi cricketers and chances are that he or she will stare back at you, bemused. Nearly every match that features the New Zealanders has a similar pattern to it, i.e. the Kiwis are outplayed, outclassed, outwitted and outsmarted. Relegation to a non-Test playing status? Naah!! This won't happen since the ICC has always been a weak, gutless decision-making "authority".

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