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Peter Forest: Like a Right-Handed Hayden

He is the only guy in the ongoing tri-series between India, Australia and Sri Lanka who has scored a century and he looks good to do it again. The new middle-order batsman from Australia, Peter Forest, has all the makings of a good player for Australia. For starters, unlike Andrew Symonds who might seem a bit puny against the massive shoulders of Peter Forest, this guy can actually build an innings. Symonds discovered the art of constructing his innings much later in his career whereas Peter Forest seems to be doing that since the day he made his debut. In his mannerisms, his power and the way he plays the airy shorts, 
Peter Forest reminds me a bit about Matthew Hayden though Big Matt was on opener. With Ponting having retired from the Aussie ODI team, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make Peter Forest the number three batsman for at least one season. He seems to have the technique, temperament and the shots that are required to play on different surfaces. Further, his hundred isn't something to be taken lightly considering that none of the batsmen with big reputations have actually scored a century so far. Further, Peter Forest seemed at absolute ease as he scored his first ODI century, as if he had done this a million times before. 

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