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Pattinson: another one in the Dale Steyn mode?

The first time I saw him bowl reminded my instantly of the South African, Dale Steyn and after having watched his many good spells of bowling during the first test match between India and Australia, I am pretty sure that my comparison theory is quite correct. Both these bowlers are tall, well-built, though Pattinson looks like he has definitely spent more hours in the gym and believe in pitching the ball in the off-stump zone. Steyn is probably the one bowler who continued from where Glenn McGrath, i.e. I am referring to the nuances of bowling line and length without compromising on pace. Pattinson has a similar approach and just like the South African spearhead , he is not shy of pitching up the bowl. Yes, he can bowl short too but he prefers to hit the line & length that the best of batsmen struggle against.
Probably, this is why despite being the most inexperienced bowler in the Boxing Day test match of December 2011, he was probably the best. I don't feel shy of saying that Pattinson is probably a deal as real and dependable as Dale Steyn and Cummins, the other young Aussie bowler who has been engaging a lot of attention, would need to work harder since he seems more like all speed that can sometimes be exhausted when the batsmen are in murderous mood and among sub-continental pitches.

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  1. dale steyn mode or not, Pattinson is just too good and once fully recovered, he and Cummins would form an incredible opening bowling pair with Siddle and Hillfenhaus to follow. if these four aussie bowlers can keep themselves injury-free for most part of the year, australia might be back to occupy the top slot in test cricket rather quickly.


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