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I intend to blog regularly, not daily, in an opinionated and not necessarily discriminatory way. The idea is not to ridicule the Metro or sing laurels about it but to put forth my perspective which could sound rude or helpful, depending on your perception.My views might strike a chord, pinch a nerve or induce the urge to banish me into Hell in you. However, the very concept of blogging and living in a Democracy offers me the right to be unashamedly-expressive. This basically absolves me if being here wastes your time or my efforts don’t live up to the standards set by your sensibilities….the onus of being here is on you—bother to read & comment or just browse aimlessly and proceed without a bother.

What made me start this blog?

For starters, I am a content writer and Expressionism is one of the few skills that I am endowed with. Thus, starting a blog needed little motivation. Secondly, despite being a dynamic, enthralling and challenging subject, it seems that the Delhi Metro has escaped the mind of contemporary writers/bloggers—the few that are in circulation seem occupied with offering tips about the various routes. Yes, these are also relevant from a writing perspective but I felt a general lack of the “Metro Culture” being written about.

More importantly, it has been nearly two months since I started riding the Delhi Metro regularly and writing about it could no longer be procrastinated. My soul is burdened by the restrictive expressionism that any professional role demands. I seek refuge in this blog to ensure that I am not alienated from the niche of thinkers and expressionists.

Who am I? (This part is mentioned in my Blogger profile: About Me)

Restarted blogging in the earliest part of 2018 - trying my best to post regularly - this is not a New Year resolution or wish but I want to blog spontaneously, without a reason, write without a rationale, just share what happened during the day, how am feeling...:)

February 16th: Soon I would be hitting the 100-posting benchmark that is something for me because this required a bit of hard work and staying consistent, knowing that this is more about pursuing my passion and staying true to the art of weaving conversations digitally. There are no Ads you can spot now as the idea was never to make a few cents. This has always been about blogging about the daily life, even at my work-desk, as there are days when the momentum is low, when other managers are busy smoking or having endless cups of coffee and conversations - I would rather do this!

Right now, my approach is - Blog when:
- you are feeling low
- when you have some time
- when you feel anxiety building-up
- when you want to vent
- when you want to try new expressions and explore new words
- when you want to do something for yourself
- when you want to express an opinion without caring about being heard
- when there is no inspiration to write

Updated on February 17, 2018: Just reached a semi-milestone of 100 posts. A reasonably good going considering I was very wayward to start with, the blog being launched in 2012. Took me more than 5 years to come back to something that is aligned with my passion. Will be more regular now...promise!

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  1. It is January 18, 2018 now and the writing has become a lot more regular. Stealing time from my at-home presence, am now trying to blog more regularly simply because the scope of project management does not allow creative writing in any way...


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