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Ashes First Test: Australian Bowling Exposed Beyond Redemption!

We all knew that Australia would struggle to a large extent to dismiss the England batsmen on a consistent basis. The Aussies don’t have a single spinner who is capable of turning the ball to an alarming or even an average degree. Further, their pace bowlers are too predictable, making it rather difficult to dismiss a side that has someone like Stuart Broad batting at number eight. However, no one was prepared for the mauling that the Aussie bowlers are getting as I write this blog.

They have been literally massacred, reduced to looking like a bunch of school boy bowlers who have no idea what hit them...and it did hit them...I mean, each of the English batsmen has got a century or even more, making it clear to everyone that the Australian bowlers simply don’t have the firepower to dismiss a side like England twice in a test match. How the Australians plan to win the Ashes 2010 is still a mystery to me and you have a Ponting screaming out his lungs that they are going to whitewash the England side 5-0!!!


  1. the english are equally dominant in the ongoing test match..just look at the second of the ashes test match..i have never seen the aussie bowling so hapless. do they have even one, single bowler who can take a wicket..i believe even a part-timer bowler like Michael Bevan had more wicket-taking capabilities that these five bowlers of ponting's team but together.

  2. can you believe how desperate the aussies are getting?? they are planing to bring back Warnie and that is when he is 41-years old?!

  3. I think the aussies have been more than exposed: have u looked at the state of affairs in the team wherein they keep changing the bowlers in every the way, what in god's name is doherty doing?? I can spin the ball more than him and I am not even a professional cricketer:)


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