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Did you notice any similarities in Tendulkar’s Recent Record-Breaking Moments?

This might have come to your attention if you are a keen cricket follower. Recently, Tendulkar has created two records that would be hard-to-beat any time in the near future. These include his 200+ score in one day internationals and his compilation of 50 test centuries. However, there is an amazing set of similarities when he achieved these two feats: Firstly, his batting partner on each occasion was MS Dhoni—the Indian skipper. 
Secondly, both times, the bowling opposition was that of South Africa. What is amazing is that none of the News channels seem to have covered this aspect when the record was first reported. It was only the next day that some media coverage highlighted this aspect and then, the rest followed. Further, the Protea bowlers never managed to or every tried to bounce Tendulkar. This seemed true for the ODI inning that was played on a very placid pitch but in SA itself, the non-use of neck-high bouncers against the Little Master does seem a bit strange.

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  1. i know what you are trying to say and yes, this often happens in international cricket that some players take an affection to a you recall how much and how consistently saeed anwar of pakistan or aravinda de silva used to score against India?


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