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How come Kiwi players are always hurting?

It seems to be a pattern that no cricket follower in New Zealand would like to acknowledge. Despite not playing too much cricket and being gifted with naturally impressive physiques, it seem that the kiwi bunch of cricketers are most prone to injuries. Take the case of Chris Cairns who at one point was regarded as the leading all-rounder in the game but succumbed to multiple injuries. The same thing happened to Dion Nash who probably wasn’t as good as Cairns but was a very useful swing bowler. The same thing happened to Geoff Allot,
the unsung kiwi hero from the 99 world cup and the latest crop of bowlers from the nation located at the deepest end of the southern hemisphere, including Kyle Mills and Daryl Tuffey. Now, it seems that the virus of getting injured without actually doing too much is spread among the New Zealand batsmen. Just take a look at the current state of the test match between NZ and India being played at Nagpur. Jesse Ryder is hobbling all over the 22 yards and Brendon McCullum can hardly bend! What is with all these players—is there some injury-engaging element in their DNAs?


  1. I dont agree with your comment..just look at the aussies even young batsmen like ferguson are injured and even clint mckay...that is when the aussies are supposed to have the highest levels of fitness.

  2. I too dont agree with what you are saying...just look at the current test series between india and england..India could never field their proper side because all their players keep getting does this apply to the kiwis only??

  3. One more thing that vishal might have forgotten: martin crowe is almost 50 years old and he is planning to make a comeback so that he can play in cash rich cricket games of money can even bring back players out of retirement :) never new money had this much effect on people.


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