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India: World Champs, really?!!

I find it very hard to believe that India are currently listed as the number one test team considering that their batsmen cannot play even average bowlers on pitches that put forth the most minimal of swing or pace. It was utterly disgusting to see the top-order of the famed Indian batting line-up to reach scores of about 100 runs against a rather mediocre Sri Lankan attack. Further, the skipper Dhoni seems to have entered some sort of a moronic phase of thinking wherein rather than talking about his team's deficiencies, he is more concerned about highlighting the state of the practice pitches or talking about the missed-century opportunity that happened to Sehewag. What happened to the real Dhoni, who came across as a very forthcoming and honest skipper who never backed down from accepting his team's debacles. Does this
have something to do with post-marital changes in a man's psyche?? I hope not....considering the number of players in the usual squad of XV who must be contemplating marriage!!


  1. world champions or not at least they are not throwing away matches for the lure of easy money like the Pakistani players....shame on national players and the cricketing board of pakistan to dipping to such lows when their own people back home are depending upon them to bring some cheer to their lives in the backdrop of the taliban problem and the devastation caused by the floods...I hope all the seven players receive life bans and nothing lesser.

  2. I would not know what effect marriage is or would have on the performance of players but i can say for sure that MSD looks like he is beginning to crack under the pressure...he desperately needs other pros like Yuvraj and Sehewag to become his able deputies.

  3. you should wait for the India Australia series results to come through..India have been fighting with lots of fitness problems in the recent past but now their preferred team combination seems to be surfacing again.

  4. yeah, considering how they are batting against new zealand, they don't look much like word champs.


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