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India ODI Matches ‘dry runs’ to World Cup 2011: Really Mr. Shastri??

This is referring to a recent published article that listed the views of India’s former captain, Mr. Ravi Shastri, wherein he has mentioned that the 18 or so ODIs that India has before the forthcoming WC 2011 matches are essentially practice matches. In fact, he used the term ‘dry runs’ to describe these matches.What I cannot figure out is how have 18 international matches been reduced to the pedestal of just being trial matches or what they now popular call ‘testing the bench strength’. Isn't every international match being played with the India cap and isn't it supposed to put the best available national talent on the field?

I can understand that some international-scale matches between European nations are often played as ‘friendlies’. However, the use of this term to label the matches ensures that the spectators understand the reality that the level of intensity and commitment they expect in an international encounter might be missing to some extent. At least, this labeling ensures that the spectators and national followers of the game aren’t misled in any way. Similarly, a tobacco product has to carry an official warning about the injurious nature of the product. Whether this makes a difference to the judgment of a consumer or not is beyond the purview of this official warning.

Has the BCCI or any national representative of the game even bothered to inform that the forthcoming ‘non-friendlies’ featuring India are prone to be used as some sort of a testing ground for newer talents?


  1. I guess you were right about india taking it easy for absolutely no understandable reason...just look at the way they got out...all out for 88!!!! I am sure Derbyshire county team would have crossed 250 on that pitch

  2. No one is really expecting India to win the WC this time, considering how weak their bowling is. Even if a side has to score 100+ runs in the last 10 overs of a match, you can say for sure that India will not be able to save the match.


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