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Pakistan Fixing Scandal: Hardly Surprising

 While this may sound unkind and outrightly rude to some folks, the fact is that most people who have been keenly following the game in and around the sub-continent have always believed or at least suspected that running of the game in Pakistan has always been clouded by match-fixers and the betting mafia that is very strong in these parts. It should be noted that the recent string of skeletons that seem to be tumbling out of the Pakistani dressing room are largely because of the kind of investigative media we have these days and not because the match-fixing has suddenly arisen. A few years ago, in Sharjah and in India, when such matters were reported, the technology available to the reporters and the sting journalists
was hardly penetrative as it is now. It was just a matter of time before those involved in making money by fooling the game's followers slipped in their methods and the ever-vigilant media dogs caught them red-handed...don't read too much into what is going to happen to the Pakistani players accused in this scandal...they will be banned for different durations only to be brought together as the World Cup 2011 draws near...again, not because the world cup is a very important tournament but also because it is going to be a big money-spinner for these spinsters.


  1. I can understand that like most fans of the game you are very angry with what the pakistani players have done and how lousy is the PCB's conduct...but you got to understand that the world of cricket cannot ban Pakistan...there are just too few teams in the frame.

  2. What is even more disgusting are the stupid expressions put on by the tainted trio...they seem to be enjoying all the attention they are getting. People are right when they say that upbringing does define a man in a lot of ways.

  3. I still don't understand how that Kamran Akmal guy has escaped the media attention so far...he was definitely involved in whatever transpired at the SCG and now it seems that only Aamer and Asif are being tainted, how come Akmal has managed to weasel his way out of this situation??

  4. now it seems that even the ongoing ODI series between england and pakistan is fixed..there is just no end to this drama. How do Pakistan expect to host the world cup now?

  5. this thing started long time back when Salim Malik was pretty much caught red-handed during a few games hosted at usual, the PCB dusted-off the issue, fearing a severe backlash back home and now too, they are functioning in a similar manner...acting like ignorant, overprotective..(you know what)

  6. you are right about these issues being quite old...just look at how many times has aqeeb javed commented about matches under the great wasim akram too being fixed and nohting was done....eventually leading to this disaster.


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