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Dravid: The Falling Wall?

Often quoted as the Great Wall of India, Rahul Dravid just cannot get himself out of what cannot be referred to as a dry patch or being out-of-form but a strange phase wherein he just cannot occupy the crease long enough to justify such adjectives. It seems that the great batsman is either losing his reflexes or just playing a few test matches in a year simply means that he isn't getting enough international cricket to make him flourish at the crease in the manner that saw him conquer the best of South African and Australian bowling attacks. He is getting out to rather soft deliveries, none of them looking threatening enough for someone of Dravid's stature. Further, what is worrying is that his body seems to be moving a bit too much when playing the on-drives. A small but exaggerated shuffle towards the off-side seems to be the undoing in this case. Just imagine a team that is on the verge of losing Dravid and Laxman in the very near future.....any worthy new stars in the Indian batting line-up to vouch for such profiles??


  1. I agree to a certain extent that Dravid's recent record has been rather poor, at least by his standards...but he still seems to have a couple of good years left in him.

  2. I am not sure about the falling part...I mean yes, he has had a dry run but he is still much better than many batsmen in the Indian team who just cannot play on bouncy tracks

  3. you should wait for the australian series to start. i seriously believe that this is the litmus test as far as dravid's future is concerned...he fails here and he is likely to be replaced.

  4. I don't think it is fair to write-off big players just because they aren't looking good as they used to some time back...dravid and players like him are a rare occurrence and should be treasured and not ridiculed.


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