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Shillingford and Suleimann Benn Make Sense for the WI

It was heartening to see a West Indian bowling performance that had some intensity to it and didn't border on being mediocre-something that the team has been struggling to avoid for the past several years. In terms of bowling combinations, Shillingford and Benn combined  really well to form a spin combo that made a lot of sense for a side that usually depends upon its fast bowlers to do all the work, including the donkey work that is needed in the middle overs. I like the way Shillingford was willing to give some air to the ball and didn't mind varying his pace, every few deliveries. On the other hand, Benn used the slight bounce in the pitch to his advantage. Given that the West Indian side does not have a single fast bowler who is seriously experienced, the presence of two spinners who can bowl tight, long spells is really handy.


  1. Yes, this bowling combination you suggest further makes sense since nearly every pitch in the WI is becoming slower and hence, becoming more conducive to spin bowling rather than the fast bowlers that the WI seem to be promoting over the last decade.

  2. Yes the two, three sessions you are talking about went well for the west indies, but then look what happened..SA should have been all out for under 200 but they managed to reach about 350 runs...thanks largely to the poor bowling standards of the pacers.

  3. I realize what you are trying to point-out but have got to understand that the west indies are a very poor test comments were aimed at the fact that they have found a spin combination that can at least help them contain runs in the middle overs in the ODIs and at least save them from being murdered by batsmen in the test matches.

  4. the two bowling sides in the ongoing test match between South Africa and the west Indies could not be any different...the Proteas are led by two speedsters, Steyn and Morkel, while the WI bowling is led by two spinners, Benn and Shillingford...absolute contrasts.

  5. what in god's name happened to that slingy, young fast bowler called Federicks something?


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