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I hope the Indian Selectors are considering suicide as an option

After losing two successive matches to a Zimbabwean side that is devoid of even one truly internationally-accomplished player, the Indian selectors should seriously consider resigning from their posts, ensured that their families have enough life insurance or medical insurance supplies and then jumping from the top of the buildings in which they reside and make us believe, they work in those chambers for the improvement of Indian cricket. For starters, it still escapes the mind that what they were thinking sending five or six new, greenhorn bowlers when not even one of them appears to be capable of running through a side in either an ODI or a test match. All the bowlers put together have looked pedestrian at best and then to actually believe that these guys were going to whitewash the Zims just because they are ranked at the bottom of world rankings is the kind of thinking that only the politically-inclined men working at the BCCI are capable bet is that the India A squad at the moment has more skills than the Raina-led team, even though it consists of many players with far lesser experience.


  1. I thought being an indian cricket fan you would be used to such accidents that are an intrinsic part of indian cricket...!!

  2. what is even worse is that none of the Indian bowlers exhibit the slightest of semblance that they are about to make an impact...even that Yadav guy has not delivered in any way.

  3. I seriously doubt they are going to do something so drastic since it essentially means they have a responsible bone in their my man, you are way-off your mark here!!


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