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Micromax Asia Cup 2010: Advantage Sri Lanka?

Yes, it might seem a bit premature but the fact remains that Sri Lanka are pretty much unbeatable at home. Their record in both, the ODIs and the test matches is so good that it is hard to believe that any of the other teams would be able to beat them in the league matches. Further, what makes the Lankans such a potent force is that their bowling is well-suited to the prevalent conditions. For starters, the likes of Kulusekera can bowl slow, medium-pacers that are the best option for the slightly sluggish pitch conditions here in Dambulla and the neighboring venues. On the other hand, young spinners in the side, led by Murali will ensure that the batsmen aren't able to take much liberties during the middle overs. Even the fill-up bowlers like Angelo Matthews have showed in yesterday's match against Pakistan that these Lankan bowlers know how to manipulate the conditions to their advantage. In comparison, Pakistan's bowling line-up seems full of comeback bowlers while India just doesn't have a semblance of a pace battery or a spin attack.


  1. You are right about the fact that lankan bowlers are well-adapted to these conditions and perhaps, Bangladesh have the next-best bowling in terms of using the conditions. They have an average set of medium pacers but their left-arm spinners can use the slowness of the pitches to their advantage. I would suggest Lankans are a surety in the finals.

  2. Asia cup opening match was very interested so again we hope that the match coming Pakistan and

    India are very strong teams so hope both will give the great entertainment for both countries people.
    so watch live and give the comments.

  3. You are right about India being strong contenders too but then again, they are a bit rusty since nearly six players are returning to the fold and their entire bowling line-up looks a bit uncertain. The Lankans don't have the kind of dynamite that Jayasuriya used to present but they are working well as a unit.


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