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Proteas + Irish Contributions = England Wins

You cannot deny that this is the current situation in the English cricket team. Just take out the South African Kevin Pietersen from their test match performances over the last four years and team would have struggled to even come close to be counted among the top, four test cricket teams in the ICC rankings. Now, it seems that the Irish batsman, Eoin Morgan, is doing a similar act for England in their ODIs against Australia. Just look at the statistics of the first game wherein he scored a century to bail out the English side. Combine this with Morgan’s T20 performances and surely England could not have won the ICC T20 world cup without his services. I hope the immigration rule-markers in England are aware of these facts or may be they are and that is why England seems to gobble-up international players and presents them as its own!!


  1. You are right about a lot of things..particularly about the part about the ECB being very accomodating when it comes to enhancing its own interests. Can you believe that even Saqlain mushtaq is now eligible to play for england??!!!

  2. but this thing is happening around the cricket world now. u recall that guy, Nash playing for the west indies recently and now a Pakistan-born player is about to debut for Australia, so i guess this is nothing major.

  3. I was right about Morgan: just look at the second ODI at Cardiff that England won. Morgan scored 50+ and without his contribution England would have surely lost again!!

  4. and yes, I read about that Khwaja guy could be that somehow the ACB is trying to do its bit to present itself as a non-racial body but that is bit unlikely too, considering how stringent they are about recruiting able talent only.


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