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England Rising? Wins against Australia Suggest so...

It is hard to imagine that Strauss, the English captain, can actually adapt to the ODI style of batting but as it turns out, in the current One-day series against Australia, his style of batting is perfectly suited to the kind of pitches that are on display. The ball is seaming around and Strauss' typical style of batting wherein the emphasis is on collecting singles through shoves and pushes seems to be invaluable. And yes, England have won the series now!! This is remarkable considering that they usually struggle to even defeat teams like the WI on their own pitches. What seems to have really worked for the Poms is their recent victory in the T20 World Cup. The team has carried that momentum into the series and the Kangaroos have been surprised without a doubt. Add to this, the presence of useful bowlers like Swann and Broad and the England team does look like a good ODI unit for the first time in probably, the last ten years.


  1. to add to my point, it seems that with Stuart Broad and Bresnan in the lower middle order and Colly bowling his usual, off spinner type dippers, the england team has some sort of an all round thing going.

  2. to a large extent you are right and Strauss is doing what Kirsten used to do for the south african team and what Gambhir is doing for the indian team in the absence of tendulkar...anchoring the innings.

  3. you also need to consider the fact that Eoin Morgan has lent a lot of teeth to the English middle order, something that the Poms had been missing for more than a decade.


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